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Enjoying the Sound of the Ocean


"Passionate voice, Ancient/modern music...Must hear!"

"Comparisons to Enigma are inevitable, except this is a lot better."

Backroads Music

Music is quite possibly one of the only pure art forms where the artist is themselves the source and the instrument. It interfaces the artist with the audience through the entirety of its process right from creation to the execution of a concept. It is instantaneous in gratifying its creator and its audience, but such divine providence is bestowed only on the beholder of a craft so precise and a soul so rich they ought to be old souls who have traversed eternity to now exist in close union with the Divine Source of all life. In expressing my thoughts about Music and the Artist with such a blessed gift, I was indeed holding in my mind the image and essence of VIMA LAMURA, whose music and presence has enriched my life and healed my heart on every occasion I’ve been granted such grace".


Tom Thudiyanplakal - Film Producer, Writer, Director

USA | India

"VIMA LAMURA achieves a seamless integration of the essence of sonic yoga from several cultures, with the highest level of facility and skill in each of them. An awakening and transforming experience. An extraodinary singer who chants & sings in a variety of languages emerging from some primordial otherworld...a rich sound...often haunting sonic atmosphere that heals to the core"

Murray Stentiford

Vice-President Theosophical Society

"VIMA LAMURA is a force of Nature..VIMA LAMURA’s VOICE is a gift of pure, silken darshan. You feel like you are in the arms of a loving mother when she sings..Her musings balm the mind, her voice penetrates and heals, her music nurtures the soul...Gently raising consciousness, pure love".

Gayatri Rao, Director, Animagic India Films

Mumbai, India


"VIMA LAMURA's Voice of the Beloved...I was absorbed in a sacred Authentic & elegant performance with stunning vocals"

N.Blanchette, Time Warner

"VIMA LAMURA has a voice that astonishes & a presence that transcends. With intuition & grace her compositional techniques bring a breath of fresh air to the "new music" world."

Philip Blackburn, the American Composers Forum

"VIMA LAMURA is a mix of spirit & tradition. Her poetry is like music...her voice like none other I have heard...A beautiful, original, & refreshing experience.

Zee TV

Mumbai, India


"Incredible...Wow....Deep, moving music...moving performance...Very unique...I am a fan...What a voice!"

KDWA Radio



"VIMA LAMURA's one-woman show Voice of the Beloved, left me breathless... I was entranced by the range, texture & power of her single voice... A transforming experience."

Global Vision, Minneapolis


"VIMA LAMURA ...a must see...a must hear...pure spirit in a clear mesmerizing voice...Pulsating & memorable."

Thunder Bay Chronicle



"Wow...rarely does a voice like this hit the air DNA gets a sonic bath."

KFAI Radio, Minneapolis

"A rare & delicious concoction of exotic sound & presence"

KUMU_FM Radio | Marilyn Marsh


"An extraordinary singer who chants & sings in a variety of languages emerging from some primordial otherworld...a rich sound...often haunting sonic atmosphere."

Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minneapolis

"VIMA LAMURA is an enigmatic performer...otherworldly in presence & voice...There is a sense of the Ancient with timeless resonance that stays with you long after the performance is over. Don't miss Voice of the Beloved!"

Honolulu Academy of Arts, Hawaii




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