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Image captured in contemplation. Meditation, Music, Inspirational Poetry and Sound.


"The mysterious profundity of life has a way of directing destiny though a series of experiences that simultaneously awaken

and guide us to the soul’s fullest potential."



vocalist, composer, inspirational speaker and writer-poet  

generating  creative  works in  music and recordings

  transforming groups and audiences internationally.

Vima Lamura's  genre of music ranges from deep meditative tones to classical richness, ambient and orchestral like compositions. Her 4 octave range colors melodies with an otherworldly sounds and transcending quality. 

"My singing career spanned genres from classical to jazz, global and R & B simultaneously immersing myself in indigenous chant and music of spiritual traditions.

Although I come from classical roots, my passion for East Indian, Mid Eastern, Taoist, Tibetan  and African music and chanting was ignited at a young age.  This music and nada yoga  has touched  the deepest essence of my being initiating a profound purification, healing  and a transformation on the astral and spiritual planes.  I immersed myself in ancient teachings and practices in sound chant and mantra. Living in these cultural and spiritual traditions has given me a rich foundation in experiencing the essence of what my soul longed to learn and express through sound, music and my voice. 

I struggled between the two worlds, one being, the demands  in the music industry and the other, an unconventional, unique expression of music that was calling my soul to create. 

At the height of my singing career I had an accident and two death experiences.  I healed  injuries using sound with my voice.  I learned harmonic toning from Taoist and Tibetan teachers.  The multi-toned technique had a profound effect on my healing journey. Vibration and my voice became my medicine.  This opened a whole new world of vocalizing expanding experiential awareness of the power of vibration and it's application in creative works as well as my personal spiritual journey, evolution and healing...most of all the effect this has on audiences.   

Eventually an unconventional expression of vocalizing, music composition and poetry evolved pioneering recordings, and performances integrating my personal healing and Spiritual journey using sound, chant, mantra, nada yoga, pranayama and global indigenous music with choral and classical influences."

"My works have expanded into public speaking, writing  and creating Sound Mandala compositions and concerts.  I created world beat operas including mythologies, and unique musical concepts merging indigenous instruments with classical intrumentation, chanting, choirs, and more."

 Vima continues to Inspire audiences and groups into deeper experiences of consciousness, energy, vibration and frequency using sound, music, writings and meditation.


VIMA LAMURA  has also Authored and published 4 books “GOLDEN SOUL” and “VOICE OF THE BELOVED” and BLOSSOMING PATH Volumes 1 & 2. 


VIMA LAMURA has 7 CDs to her credit as well as composing and creating vocal works specifically designed for meditative states and healing.

Coupled with her studies and teachings, she has created and performed several music tours and concerts as well as authored, composed and produced 7 World Beat Operas, which opened concert audiences to embrace greater spiritual principles on an artistic platform in experiences beyond entertainment. 


VIMA LAMURA is also a recipient of grants and fellowships from the American Composers Forum, McKnight Foundation and Jerome Foundation







VIMA LAMURA is a force of Nature..VIMA LAMURA’s VOICE is a gift of pure, silken darshan. You feel like you are in the arms of a loving mother when she sings..Her musings balm the mind, her voice penetrates and heals, her music nurtures the soul...Gently raising consciousness, pure love".

Gayatri Rao, Director, Animagic India Films ~ Mumbai, India


"Scalar waves in a voice.  Vima's concert enveloped me in a field of peaceful energy.  Magical Vimaji!

Dr. Ramesh C. ~ Durban, South Africa 


“Before her time. These days of spiritual pundits pale in comparison to this unassuming, beautiful and graceful vessel of healing and wisdom.  Vima's authentic subtlety is refreshing.  Attending her gatherings and 2 retreats, I "get" she lives and breathes everything she teaches. She has this energy that makes me feel like she wants me to live to my fullest spiritual potential.  Vima offers so much in who she is naturally without a promise or a pitch.  Her voice is amazing.  Vima, you’ve opened my eyes and feed a hungry soul. 

Karen G. ~ Mendocino, CA USA


“I am an opera singer. Vima’s voice is astounding. Her tones and instinct for perfection and spiritual connection is not only pleasant to the ear of critics. There is something powerful in every note she sings I cannot define. Many of my friends have been healed in one way or another in her presence.  Thank you Vima, the world needs you.  You’ve blessed me many times over. Thank you. 

Ada W. ~ Frankfurt, Germany EU 


Vima, whether you are singing or speaking there is something that awakens my essence.  It's almost tangible. Thank you for raising me up to my power, now I can live fully and breathe again. 

Madeline S. ~ Taos, NM  USA


Music is quite possibly one of the only pure art forms where the artist is themselves the source and the instrument. Old souls who have traversed eternity to now exist in close union with the Divine Source of all life. In expressing my thoughts about Music and the Artist with such a blessed gift, I was indeed holding in my mind the image and essence of VIMA LAMURA, whose music and presence has enriched my life and healed my heart on every occasion I’ve been granted such grace".

Tom Thudiyanplakal - Film Producer, Writer, Director ~ USA | India



"VIMA LAMURA achieves a seamless integration of the essence of sonic yoga from several cultures, with the highest level of facility and skill in each of them. An awakening and transforming experience. An extraordinary singer who chants & sings in a variety of languages emerging from some primordial otherworld...a rich sound...often haunting sonic atmosphere that heals to the core”   

Murray Stentiford     Vice-President Theosophical Society



Vima’s divine wisdom always washes over me in calmness and knowing. In her presence, I experience the core of Truth regarding who I am, as ever-expanding light, love and the Unity of All, what a gift! Her poetry book touches my soul. Mostly I am thankful for the heart connection for all I have to do is think of her and I feel her love and peace.  Her poetry book is wonderful

Susan C. ~  Hereford Arizona


“I just got your new CD.  After all these years, I am still practicing the Sound and Sun Gazing meditation you taught me.  Thank you Vimaji.  I will see you in the next retreat.  My heart is dancing” 

Bohunka V. ~ Prague, CR 



 I highly recommend Vima's Sound of the Soul retreats.  I was depressed from the death of my child.  I tried everything from medication to therapy, my grieving continued.  So a friend treated me to one of Vima's retreats.  The first thing I noticed was Vima's peaceful and effortless presence.  Every session was filled with knowledge and love. Every night she gave us sound darshan and we sang.   I slept for the first time in months.  Her INNER LIGHT DARKROOM process was the final healing for me.  Professional singers and healers were attending the retreat.  It was life-changing for everyone.  Vima explained the science and spiritual in simple terms, from experience and higher wisdom and intelligence.  It has been years, depression has not returned.  I still grieve but I am awake and aware of what is happening.  Thank you Vimaji, Thank you!!!!!   

Lynn C. - UK 


After my retreat with Vima, all I can say is, this experience changed my life!  Divine mother, Divine mother Divine mother Vima,  you can sing me to heaven any day.  I don't know exactly what it was that turned my suffering around.  I guess it was everything in the retreat and my inner healer, thank you for bringing me face to face with my light. Divine Mover Vimaji ! 

Joseph A. -  UK 


 I loved Vima's 1 day Inner Light Darkroom room retreat. The preparation process was very helpful. I'm still using the techniques for my daily meditation.  The yoga is powerful!  The retreat left me craving more of my light rather than fearing it.  Vimaji, thank you from the seed of my light.  I love you.

Hoku  K.- Honolulu


I have practiced 2 methods of meditation for 25 years.  I attended Vima's Inner-Light Dark-room retreat and felt I've gone deeper in 24 hours than in 25 years.  She says perhaps I was ready for it, all those years of practice primed me for the Inner light experience.  Wow, Vimaji divine peaceful, humble, loving mother of light.  You gave me a gift. 

Makalani T. - Honolulu 


One Sounds of the Soul retreat.  Cancer is gone, pain gone and managing with sound, depression gone, shallow painful breathing gone.  Don't ask me how I just did the retreat and Vimaji's sound darshan.  Left the retreat recognizing my healer within and I'm still thriving.  I'm finally happy.  Thank you peaceful, wise mother Vimaji.  

Jodi Mc. - Sedona AZ 


 As a close observer and casual friend of Vima's for 29  years,  I can say, she walks her talk impeccably.  Her voice heals down to the soul of lifetimes way up to the core of source. She is a true, loving servant of light!   Impeccable, divine Being, Love you! 

Jamy V - Kailua HI 

I had the pleasure of meeting Vima through a friend a few years ago in Minneapolis. I started to attend her classes and began working with Vima on a more consistent basis as I was experiencing a lot of life stressors and with her teaching and wisdom shared I had the support to move through all the pain I was feeling. Her voice and sound healing is another experience of grounding and healing in all chakras and at the core. The most important to me has been my ability to trust Vima as I know there are no other agenda involved other than my wellbeing.
I love and respect Vima and her gifts and recommend listening to her music and embracing her teachings.

Maryam E. Yusefzadeh -Keer



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