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Musings of Love 

Golden Soul inspirational Poetry book

Golden Soul is a beautifully illustrated
poetry book grounding the experience of our divine nature as reality

Every page inspires healing, wisdom and beauty 
to weather the changing world

In moments of wonder or doubt
the words flow like breathing light 
soothing our minds and hearts into Love  


Available on Amazon & kindle & site


“This wonderful book of poetry arises from an unwavering commitment to the divine and inspiring spark within us all. Delivered with the clarity of an attuned heart, these poems clear a lot of the mental debris that can limit our understanding of the subtle, but vital joys of living. Vima's poetry tackles the abstractions of love, beauty, freedom, relationships, divinity, with a penetrating eye.”

—Mark Hempel

“Vima Lamura is a gifted lyrical poet, author, and musical visionary. Her poetry is a rare find in today’s world. The pure essence of her work is authentically rooted in wisdom. Its evident musings of her heart through poetry rings true as a contemporary mystic breathing life in every word that uplifts and inspires love.” 

—Darlene Berges, Publisher of WingMakers, James Mahu and John Berges

“Vima Lamura’s poetry embodies deep spiritual wisdom evoking self reflection and heightened states of love.” 

—Gayatri Rao, Director Animagic India Films

Montserrat Caballé


“The words captured by Vima Lamura transport us to inner worlds. Her poetry is an inviting window into journeys she has braved venturing through a life committed to the liberation of spirit and the exploration of love.  During the present global challenges, we welcome such a gift with open hearts as a timely antidote inspiring renewed faith in love ”—Tom Thudiyanplackal, Filmmaker, Innovator, Philanthropist

About the Author 

Growing up writing and music was Vima Lamura's healing antidote to a difficult and confusing world. Poems, lyrics, stories and music flowed effortlessly bringing comfort and wisdom in the throes of trauma and uncertainty. 

The creation of Golden Soul came during a pivotal point in her life. A new dimension of creative expression unfolded after two near death experiences. What happened to her in these experiences brought another level of literary inspiration through poetry. 


Vima experiences writing poetry as healing balm in the highest expression of the human spirit communicating the divine into human and human to the divine. As she writes, her love grows deeper, expressing itself in a meaningful way for others.


There is no denying how the power of poetry impacts collective awakening in these times of global flux … when communion with each other through words from the heart is vital to our evolution and states of enlightened happiness. Creating poetry ushers a beautiful world the heart knows is possible. 

Who is the Beloved

After near death experiences my perception of life changed drastically.

Nothing was ever the same.

The experiences gave me a gift beyond definable measure. I was home. In an instant, I was confronted with an unexplainable sense of otherworldly presence. Life’s wonder, as I knew it, was overshadowed by particles of light brimming with infinite Love.

Light permeated every cell of my being and every wave of my soul. From that moment on, the longing for home consumed me.

This is where the Beloved became a palpable reality for me.

“Beloved” defines my memory of light, home, my comfort, healing, my access of ascension, and the splendor of love that lives within. Whilst in the throes of transformation, confusion, pain, challenges, the world’s folly, deep longing, and fires of surrender into the unknown, I go back into the memory of being light calling upon my Beloved in prose and song, I am bathed in the grace.

Referring to the Beloved in my work, captures the essence of love and the power of light I experienced. The love that we are in our true nature.

Poetry is like an effortless flow of perfume tempting the experience of remembrance with words like flowers from the heart. Inviting love with every breath.

Rather than asking what is the purpose of life, I ask Who am I in this life 

Who is the Beloved ? ... I am, You are

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