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This image depicts inner light in Meditation


Meditation is simply being fully present to experiential realization of the Self
As soon as one tastes the sweetness of the light within, there is no turning back

Dark Room Meditation is provided as an exclusive retreat for
1-3 or 8 day sessions




are a 1-3 or 8 day process where participants remain in silence,  meditate

and stay in an absolute dark atmosphere throughout the retreat. 

The meditation in darkness enhances the experience of inner light due to the natural changes in the

biochemistry of the brain. 

These biochemical changes then influence changes in the spinal cerebral fluid, throat, vegas nerve, and brain-heart-viscera connection.

The relaxed atmosphere encourages magnified inner focusing and profound experiences.  

To Start:

 1 day Inner Light Dark Room retreats, the first 1.5 hours is orientation 

which include a brief summary of  the following:

longer retreats, day one is orientation. 

You will receive 3 different pranayama techniques to be applied for different phases of the meditation. 

There will be series of simple movements with pranayama to facilitate comfort  without disturbing the inner process. 

OR you may apply a gentle yoga routine you are familiar with. 

There will be specific instructions to direct you to facilities. 

Your food or fasting supplies will be quietly served throughout the retreat 

(Options of Vegan meals,  Juices or Fasting is individually arranged)

You will be guided on 3 Pranayama methods to assist in the different stages of the meditation 

There is  Sound & Vibration clearing and ascension techniques for chakras, overtone singing (Siget) 

to quiet the mind and senses before going into the Silence

After orientation day,

the meditation process continues in silence 

Inner Light Nurturing takes play


During a darkroom retreat we can experience the benefits of different brain functions, 

profound inner awareness, clear and expansive intuitive abilities,  integrative peace and the bliss of emptiness

  • deep rest, reducing stress and root causes

  • healing of psychological traumasd

  • divine and personal insights

  • assists in supporting cardiovascular health, supports healing for burnout syndrome and fatigue

  • Regeneration of  the psyche, removes the body of psychic sediments and deposits, and allows to cure the disturbed, uncertain mind. 

  • regenerates the nervous system

  • It develops sensitivity of sensory receptors (eyesight, hearing, smell, taste and taste).

  • It allows the development of intuition, creativity, imagination and various inner experiences that are normally suppressed.

1 Day retreat session

Noticeable increase of intuitive faculties

Tangible sensations of divine and subtle awareness 

To Quote:  “The darkness actualizes successively higher states of divine consciousness, correlating with the synthesis and accumulation of chemicals in the brain. Melatonin, a regulatory hormone, increases quieting the mind and relaxing the body in preparation for the finer and subtler realities of higher consciousness. 

More on Days 1 to 3

In these days the effects of electronic inundation in our brains and life interfere with the expansive potential of the brain,  the Inner Light Dark Room experience erases the toxic effects of of frequency interference, reconnecting our true self with universal intelligence. 

Additional effects Days 3 to 5

Pinoline, affecting the neuro-transmitters of the brain, permits visions and dream-states to emerge in our conscious awareness


Days 6 to 12

Eventually, the brain synthesizes the “spirit molecules”

5-methoxy-dimethyl- tryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

facilitating the transcendental experiences of expansion and universal Love

In the Inner Light Dark Room Retreat you will learn and practice techniques that make it possible to experience the universe from the perspective of your activated inner light and subtle bodies.

You can observe, through the darkness, dimensions of the inner third eye,  inner light experiences, 

Transformation, Peace, Expansion and Love 

How and why I started giving Inner Light Dark Room retreats

When I was young, I would hide in a closet to close myself off from the chaos.  

Gradually the world would disappear as brilliant colors flashed through my inner eye.  

Stress would disappear giving way for liquid peace to permeate my body, mind, and emotions like warm nectar. 


Eventually the practice became a regular sadhana in healing brain seizures(from an accident) , physical and emotional pain, releasing deep subconscious imprints and samskaras 

while simultaneously quelling my thirst for the divine. 

I started integrating elements of Inner Light Dark room meditation experiences in  my Yoga, Sound, Chant and mantra sadhana practices coupled with studies.

The benefits,  over time, has proven the practice is a profound ascension and healing force.


 Living life as a frequency of prana and not as a person,

is an organic, true and natural state of being in constant communion.  

Immersed in unspeakable love, I stepped in that never changing world  of inner light

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