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Sound is the thread between consciousness and form … Healing light through vibration, frequency, and energy: sound becomes medicine


This meditation technique is based on principles of vibration and frequency
through your voice


Each session includes seed syllables, sounds and focusing techniques directing vibrational energy into the physical body, chakras and pineal gland

promoting healing and immersion into subtle states of deep flowing peace

Your voice is the universal instrument that possesses the power to clear, transform and heal

Once you integrate this meditation sadhana,

the energy of your thoughts, feelings and actions are naturally transformed and corrected

Effortlessly you become more aware of who you are as the Divine Self of Love


We are designed through sound. Sound Mandala Healing sessions integrates the ancient technology of sound with newly discovered quantum healing methods through tones and instrumentation

Before we hear a tone, subtle sound vibrates through every cell

Sound Mandala Meditation Sessions
are comprised of 121 exclusively designed strings that are tuned to the sounds of the universe and a crystal harp
Accompanying vocal polyphonic toning, codes and songs

Divine connection and expansion
Opens and activates chakras, especially 3rd eye and heart
Physical, mental, emotional, balance
neutralizes depression or anxiety
Unifies Gut, Heart, Mind, Third eye and Soul into clarity
Deep Peace and Meditation
Heightening intuition and creativity
Spiritual ascension allowing your body and mind to shift vibrationally into heightened and more subtle spiritual awareness
Effortlessly you become more aware of who you are as the Divine Self of Love

Long before the ways of modern medicine, sound was a means of healing and connection with each other, with other communities and enhanced communion with the divine.
Everything in form is vibration. All of existence consists of vibration which communicates and connects through varying degrees of subtle to gross energy fields.

Pain, discomfort, emotions, confusion, Illness, and separation etc. are results of vibrational wave patterns and imprints that move through the entire body, DNA,
nervous system, brain, gut, and heart.

When Sound Mandala music and tone vocalizing is introduced to these patterns, subtle frequencies gently penetrate and recreate the wave patterns resulting in states of peace, connection and clarity.

When the brain waves become attuned to the soothing tones and sounds they naturally slow down, similarly to what happens during meditation.
Chemicals are released into the body engendering deep peace. 
Blood vessels and the lymphatic system start flowing openly supporting the body, mind and energy
to heal on all levels. 

Combining this knowledge with the principles of quantum theory applicable to a wave, the results are profoundly felt through the body, emotions, mind, heart and energy centers of the recipient.
They gracefully assume their true nature of being calm immersed in divine connection and grounded happiness.

From this light, their energy radiates positivity, peace, happiness, love and joy.

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