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Pranic living

Retreats & Workshops


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ushers a lifestyle encompassing principles of longevity, fasting,

sun gazing,  silence, cleansing, conscious nutrition through prana, meditation, 

VOCAL SOUND HEALING with vocal overtoning for the chakras, energy, balance, and ascension of consciousness to live from the subtle states of our true Conscious, Divine nature.  



are 7 to 10 days long 

The retreats provide experiential processes to integrate the frequency of pranic energy that is generated from our deepest inner states of energy, frequency, vibration and Love,  

in every aspect of your life


You will learn cleansing and regenerative techniques for body, mind, heart and soul ~


methods on how to renew physical vitality, increase stem cell activity, clarify brain functioning,

clear and activate pineal & pituitary gland regeneration, DNA reprogramming


meditation, VOCAL OVERTONE SOUND HEALING, nada yoga

 sun gazing, conscious nutrition, pranayam, Inner Light dark room meditation, silence,

fasting and longevity practices

two days of INNER LIGHT and PRANA Dark Room Meditation is included



LIGHT FREQUENCY NURTURING assists in transforming core survival instincts into an intunement of subtle energies and prana.  This transformation ushers the conscious evolution of thriving by experiencing the principles of universal abundance, vitality, and light. 


LIGHT FREQUENCY NURTURING LIFESTYLE organically fosters co-creative interplay with our divine nature physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, consciously, and energetically


Some of the methods are:  


Pranayama ~ Techniques to nurture the body, mind, and universal energy with techniques of pranayam (expanding breathing capacity) change biochemistry and transform physical, mental, energetic/emotional states to states of balance, peace and universal communion. 


SoundVocal sound and toning with TANTRIC SOUND SOUL/LIGHT MAPPING for healing with sound


Fasting and Food Cleansing the internal system with teas and gentle herbs.  Fasting will be integrated throughout the retreat including vital information on the benefits of fasting and nurturing with prana.  

We will cover the science of nutritional eating with minimal effort, maximum nutrition, emphasizing the Divine source of energy in universal prana and vibrational frequency.

 All to change your perspective about the higher purpose of sustenance, thriving, 


Inner Light and Prana ~ Dark room Meditation 


Longevity ~ Longevity processes with  ancient techniques for cleansing, lymph, skin, organ regeneration and more.   


Mind ~ Traverse through the many levels of mind-emotion connection, patterns, and beliefs with SELF awareness, gentle correction and self empowering change. 


Ahem Prem Meditation ~ Sound, Breath, Focus, Dark room Meditation, Sun Gazing


A YOGA ~ The full spectrum of yoga integrating the science of Pranayam, Sound/Nada, Kundalini, Asanas, and Kriyas.  

Divine Imprinting to embody the experience of SELF in microcosmic/macrocosmic union.  


Nurture your soul with silence practiced intermittently throughout the retreat 

For more advanced segments of the retreat, Darkroom time starts from 3 to 11 days



is adaptable for anyone, at any time, anywhere without inhibitive disciplines.

It’s soft, gentle approach gradually nurtures you into vitality, awareness, transformation and light. 


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