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Image for Sound Mandala Peace Garden Meditation and music retreat


 Vibrational Alchemy of Peace and Love


Vima Lamura 

April 13-20, 2019

HONOLULU, HAWAII on the exotic island of Oahu

Our retreat includes, accommodations, 3 organic vegan meals, airport pickup and drop-off, Lomi Lomi massage by Ola I Ka Pono, Sacred Hawaiian immersion day with Kanoena, workshop with Dr. Karen Paul, all sound, meditation, pranayama, sharing, and

ceremony with Vima Lamura .

Of course there will be free time to explore the magnificent beach, hiking and waterfall and more in a short walking distance from the venue

    We welcome you to participate 

our SOUND MANDALAS of the SOUL Retreat

 amidst the serene, tropical landscapes and

pristine beaches of Hawaiian paradise.


Immerse in the high vibrational energy of nature while experiencing the healing intelligence that lives in the sound and vibration

of your heart, soul and voice

with Vima Lamura

Benefits of Sound Mandalas of the Soul Retreats
 Vibrational Alchemy of Peace and Love
Self Sufficient healing
Experiential, deep peace and restoration
Release and healing generations, DNA imprints, behavioral brain patterns,
Your holographic existence is in synchronized balance connected to source
An integrative understanding of the importance of experience, science and spirit to masterfully and consciously direct, thoughts and actions to spiritual remembrance, kindness, and noble character in these times of evolution and change.
Conquering the fear of the power, light and unique universal expression of your voice.
Experience the soul lit in love with your voice

Early Bird til February 25th - Shared accommodation $2250
After February 25th Shared accommodation $2499
Bring a friend, shared room $2250 (each) 
Private single queen room $2750
Shared queen $2300  
Single full day with 2 meals $325 preregistration required
Morning Sessions no meal  $150 no registration necessary
$500 deposit upon registration (nonrefundable)
WIFI, Washer and Dryer available on site

Daily Activities

Sound and Light Sungazing Meditation

Yoga Kriyas and pranayama (Specific series for the week focusing on pineal gland, throat/voice/thyroid, auric field and more)

Sound Mandala Singing Circle-Sounds, chants and mantras

Sharing and Q & A

Sound Healing techniques

Chakra clearing and accelerating

Pranic living and longevity exercises


Evening ceremony, song and meditation

One day Inner Light Dark Room meditation  (more information

Four afternoons set aside for Lomi Lomi (Ancient Hawaiian Massage), Workshop with Dr. Karen Paul, Sacred Hawaiian Immersion, Beach day

Open time to explore, swim, hike ... Just be

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 9.54.05 PM.jpe

Vima Lamura

Chanter/Vocalist, yogini/teacher, recording and performance artist

All of Vima's works bridge spirit, science, mystical, and human experiences through wisdom, the voice and the arts spanning internationally over 35 years.


Vima shares her experiences and knowledge with a mature understanding of the interface between deep spirituality and self-actualized living.

Her works took deeper spiritual roots from 2 death experiences, healing injuries by using sound in addition to life long immersion in ancient teachings and cultures.


Vima's SOUND MANDALAS of the SOUL  retreats serve as platforms to share the methods of sound healing and meditation to enhance peoples lives and states of consciousness to total well being, transformation,  bliss, happiness and peace.

Need assistance with flights or extending your stay in Hawaii?



What to bring, Pick-up and drop-off details and more are provided upon registration

Kindly take note, arrival on the 13 before 4 pm is essential when you make travel plans

mandala art by ASHNANDOAH

More on Sound Mandalas of the Soul

The energies of the planet are refining into the Golden age 

This is written in ancient scriptures and we are now feeling the effects of this timely evolution. 


As the body, mind and nervous system adapt, these effects may manifest states of anxiety, grieving, physical discomfort, loss, weight gain, confusion, endocrine imbalances, impaired ability to cope with change and fear of the unknown simultaneously experiencing intuitive expansion, a greater desire for knowledge, shifting perspectives and beliefs. 

This is where ancient esoteric technology meets science. 

Sound is a key component in this evolution as everything is based on vibration, frequency, and energy.  


Sound techniques are effected in transforming wave patterns to clear, heal and refine interconnection with the flow of the universal intelligence that dictates planetary changes.  


More and more we are becoming aware that recognizing our holographic existence as part of source intelligence, is vital in mastering self-sufficient healing and balancing. 


Serving not only our progression as individuals but also the awakening that we are all one.  Personal evolution plays a huge role in the ascending evolution of humanity.  


Sound is the thread between consciousness and form. 

Singing, pranayama, and meditation potentially access the realm of quantum information. Inhibitions of the body, mind and nervous system dissipate into unified universal consciousness.  Resulting in a multitude benefits especially accessing the refined realm of healing and ascension.  

 Sound is the medicine of the future… it is vitally important we become more aware and self-sufficient in our holistic health in order to have a life of vitality and thrive as humans. 


Vibration through sound and songlines that rewire the brain for higher consciousness focusing on the refined realm of love. 


Learn techniques facilitating ascension and refined frequencies clearing generations of patterns, DNA imprints to access the seed of our divine nature… Enabling a life of conscious peace, clarity of mind, physical vitality and heartfelt connection amidst the vicissitudes of life.  


Learn through sound codes, methods, and meditation how to transform physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and energetic frequencies of pain, and suffering into mindfulness, activating our noble, conscious and peaceful nature. 


Our souls are, in fact,  constructed from the very fabric of the universe. The more we consciously awaken, clear, transform and engage through the power of sound practices, the more we can realize this connection, experiencing the vibrational frequencies in the nervous system and brain functioning, 

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