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Sonnets From the Sun~Life After Two Death Experiences Part 1

“A thousand lifetimes in a lifetime only to come face to face in the mirror of eternity”

I have hesitated writing about my death experiences. The reason why, a secret held hostage in the mysterious wisdom of time. Only time could nurture the rich intimacy between the “Realm of a Thousand Suns” and the seed of light within. Bit by bit, the perfume of the light seeped through the cracks of illusion into the pulsing heart of my skin.

To pen the mystical myriad of unfolding awareness from death experiences, was best left unspoken until the fullness of these experiences were embodied and the atmosphere of consciousness was ripe to listen.

I endeavor to articulate these experiences through this blog.

The longing to return to the “Realm of a Thousand Suns” has colored my life with fierce surrender where love knows me better than I know myself.

There are no words, formulas, ideas or beliefs that can capture the vast empire of light.

Why did I die and come back? I could easily say, I have a purpose, but that is not true. The supreme domain of Love has a purpose for me. Light spinning magic through my veins in intimate silence revealed the need as an individual to realize true potential to render itself to humanity through sound, voice, music, poetry and LOVE.

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