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Sonnets From the Sun Part 2~ Unveiling of Love, Rebirth, Life after Death, Sound, Creation, Healing

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN - First Death Experience “Realm of a Thousand Suns”

The long arduous drive from Chicago to Florida took it’s toll on me.  I reclined my seat to take a short nap while my husband tenaciously drove, tackling winding roads in the black sea of the night. 

What seemed like a dream, an image of an overturned car in a hazy mist of light, flashed before me.  To this day, I don't know if I wakened a moment before impact or if I was actually seeing our car overturned before it happened.  

In a seeming fraction of a second, I was absorbed in a light brighter than a “thousand  suns.”  Saturated in light, suspended in eternal bliss, my soul/spirit knew I was home.   “Me” no longer existed.  

While in the light, I was observing the accident scene.  It was as though I was watching a film from the clouds.  Paramedics fussing with paraphernalia next to an image of light as my body laid underneath the light like a motionless garment. My husband kneeling on the side lines with face in hands.

Observing from afar, my body was illuminated, in tact, not at all injured it emitted waves of moving white light.  Others around me were oblivious to this beautiful phenomena. Cradled in the “sun” my consciousness was shouting, “I’m OK, I’m home now, let me be”… No one heard me. 

In the distance, I could see a frame of a car submerged in yellow and blue rays of light radiating beyond the sky.  I will expound more on this in a later blog. 

I heard otherworldly tones and tinker bells drip through the light as they crescendoed into music that sounded like a million violins and cellos reverberating through (the eternal consciousness as “I”) me.  I could faintly hear a voice singing sounds that melted into the vibrational waterfall of musical love. Simultaneously, the voice had a familiar vibration, yet it was sourced from far away. 

Suddenly I wakened in my body and sat up without hesitation.  Not realizing anything was wrong with me, I asked my husband if he could call our hotel to inform them we were going to be late.  A paramedic rushed to hold my back and chest and said “Lady, you’re not going anywhere.”  I felt sensations of wet, cooling warmth as his hands guided my body back to a reclining position.  Looking down, my clothes were soaked in a river of blood.  I felt no pain.  There was an awareness of an intelligence breathing for me.  Inside I was vibrating at a high rate of speed like hot lighting bolts penetrating every cell. 

Within audible distance, the dispatcher in the ambulance was shouting instructions to keep me awake. “Don’t let her fall asleep” and something about “vitals.”  I vaguely remember the ride to the hospital other than closing my eyes, seeing flashbacks of the “thousand suns”  fiercely  flashing through my third eye, nervous system, brain and heart.  The paramedics kept opening each eye waving lazer-like flashlights while asking questions about my name, address, family, birthday…lots of questions.  All I wanted to do was return home to the light. 

to be continued…

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