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"Wisdom is permanent...Experience is transient 
The ultimate goal of spiritual practice is not to produce short-lived experiences
but rather a continuous process of revealing the true, divine nature of consciousness that dwells within" 

Image of Sound Mandala event



I was exposed to the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation in my teens.  My soul was ignited with remembrance and unwavering passion.
Two NDE's imprinted this intense longing to re-immerse in the Light...Meditation and Yoga give me the means to re-discover this.  
Anupaya Yoga is designed to embrace aspects of the many yogas (Hatha, Nada, Kundalini, Bhakti, Raja)  providing the full spectrum of experiential and sustaining Divine Unity.  This had the most healing and transformational impact in every aspect of my being and remains an integral influence in my works.  I've been blessed with a yogi and teachers from  India to facilitate my process giving an a spiritually sovereign voice to my divinity within and confidence to radiate grace that is meant to be for all. 
Twenty-five years ago I  become a certified teacher.  To this day I enjoy serving teachings and experiences from this platform fostering self-awakening, grace and a doorway to the subtle for others.  I enjoy this so much I include group sessions in every concert tour location and teach methods to choirs and staff during residencies, performance rehearsals, and speaking engagements.  
For me, the practice of yoga, meditation, and sound is a way of life. It continues to shape me in ways beyond defining as the seed of light pulses in every cell, every thought, every wave of vibration.  Anupaya yoga has many facets in subtly balancing (body, mind, heart, energy) into a humbled, receptive vessel of Divine consciousness simultaneously, ushering liberation to the Light of Self.  

"The ocean of grace dwells in the heart...

there is no goal...

suspended in the subtle is where the path ends

but the journey never ceases"

Image for Naad yoga of Sound
Image of Nada Sound Meditation


Anupaya Yoga is an all-encompassing yogic practice that directs life force energy to remove the veils that hinder enlightenment.  It is comprised of kriyas, movements, bija sounds, pranayama, inner focus, devotional wisdom, and asanas (postures) designed to clear, transcend and experientially realize your connection with Supreme Consciousness...engendering states of heightened awareness, deep peace, true spiritual power, grace,  creativity, and remembrance. 


Your first experience may feel like a good workout with a sense of being more connected to yourSELF...clear, alive,, and radiant.

A long term practice ushers longevity, neurological changes, biochemical changes, heart-centered expansion.  consistent deep serenity, diminishing karmic responses while simultaneously accumulating methods and technology addressing life's challenges with a prolonged sense of balance and well being as wisdom and enlightenment take a greater role in your being and life. 


The important role of Anupaya Yoga for women is vital to healing remembrance in these times of change.  

It provides is a path of grace, healing, balance, inner reverence for beauty, and strength sourced from creative consciousness.



Sound Mandalas

Image for Sound Mandala Meditation and music session

Sound Mandalas are an important part of each class. 

Singing, sounds and bija mantras with strings and gongs enhance a heart activating experience ...

the perfect completion for every session or workshop.

Singing enhances creative power by recognizing and exercising the unique signature of your voice.  

Sound Mandalas resonate in the DNA, brain, nervous system, cells, and organs...every part of your being, body, mind, heart, and soul. 

Singing a sacred group setting is uplifting and connects to one's own sacredness.  






"Vima's more than a yoga teacher, wisdom and inspiration comes through her effortlessly "        Farideh S,- Minneapolis MN, US


"I love yoga and how Vima teaches.  You can tell she is attentive to everyone and knows how to direct the energy.  Her darkroom sessions and sound healing are life-changing"              Julia R.- Springfield, MA US


"Every class is filled with rich content and delivered with Vima grace"  

Loring G - UK 


"Vima explains things simply, I get it! and love her voice when she sings after classes,  so peaceful and comforting"  

Gloria C - Honolulu, HI US


"I feel my heart burst with light and energy, thank you Vima"  Petra Z - Croatia 


"Great teacher, awesome teachings authentic and rings true ... what a voice, sign me up for the next workshop"   Michelle G.  Aotearoa


"I'm in pure bliss after every class, heavenly"   Marcia T. - Honolulu HI 


"I started to attend Vima's classes and continued to work with Vima privately on a more consistent basis. I was experiencing life stressors and with her teachings and wisdom, I had the support to move through all the pain ... her voice and sound healing is another experience of grounding and healing the chakras straight into the core of my being.   Most importantly, I trust Vima, she's pure with no agenda other than my well being.  I love and respect her and her gifts and recommend listening to her music and embracing her teachings"

Maryam Y-K  - Minneapolis, MN US


"I've seen Vima as a teacher, leader, socializing and interacting for years.  I assisted one of her retreats ... she walks her talk 

wisdom,  grace and caring flows from her naturally...'olu'olu (sweet soul)"  Leilani K - Honolulu  HI 


"You bring me to peace, Vimaji"  Preeti S - Mumbai INDIA


"Serenity and Grace Vima, Love you, Love what you give... so articulate, you poetically touch the soul "  Tara W - Minneapolis, MN US 


"Only a gifted teacher can bring hope and healing with so much love, humble intelligence, and pure grace, you changed my world...

you're an inspiration Vima"    Katarina T - CzR 


"Love Love Love the pearls of wisdom Vima shares between the movements

What a grand experience, I have my heart back after so much pain...

She has taught me to embrace everything to change the energy and transcend..."

This changed my whole perspective for my  life"            Reen A - Dubai UEA


"Over the years, I have taken regular yoga classes, workshops, courses, and sound healings with Vima, which are extraordinary and life-changing... I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to learn from her, take advantage ... aside from being a great teacher, she is an amazing human being"              Katie Ann M - Hervey Bay, AU


"Vima did a sound meditation for a large event we sponsored in Israel...

She brought so much healing and peace to people! I will never forget her wise words that helped so many to bring us hope" 

Anael C - Jaffa, Israel 















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