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Image from Golden Soul Inspirational Poetry book

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DIVINE LIGHT COLLECTIVE embraces all collective creation recognizing we are ONE in perfection, unified by the cosmic glue of LOVE.  

Everything offered is designed to usher SelfAuthority and SelfDiscovery. 


The music, teachings, seminars and programs serve all. 

There are no initiations, titles, entitlements, mysteries, rituals, secrecy, exclusive rites, levels, special this or that. There are no certificates for being Divine, Spiritual awakening, intuitive abilities, consciousness, or enlightenment. 

The essence of our Divinity radiates beyond all of this, it cannot be grasped or held in a concept. It can only be experienced and integrated as a way of life. For example, integrating a very simple path of kindness is a profound awakening journey that isn't learned in a weekend but it's an alchemy of consciousness that is constant for a lifetime. 

Divinity and  Enlightenment are not for a chosen few, but a birthright for all in its pure simplicity. 

The most profound mystery is, THERE ARE NO MYSTERIES once you open the floodgates of knowing within. In full remembrance that our blueprint of origin is that of light, and life is a playground where we can experience our fullest potential of the Divine, and the Love we are. 

DIVINE LIGHT COLLECTIVE programs provide various avenues of experiencing the true Self / Divine Nature that resides in the subtle, refined states of consciousness. Our Divine nature is an ever flowing experience as tangible and real as the breath and body. 

There are so many looking for their Divine Purpose...Amazingly enough it shows up when one stops looking.  The realization of Divine Purpose has nothing to do with any pursuits outside of ourselves, nor what you are doing but ask who is the doer and what is governing your mind and actions while realizing divine purpose is embodied in your transcendent nature. 

It is like looking for your glasses everywhere, until you see them on your head when you look in the mirror. 

All wisdom and spiritual authority lives within and not anyone or measure outside of yourself. 

Awareness of the Divine Feminine is unfolding at this time in our evolution for a multitude of reasons. Division, suffering and separation is activating a thread of compassion and consciousness. This consciousness resides in the essence of the feminine heart along with a profound creative principle. 


Subtle conditioning externalizing our spiritual power outside of ourSELF has caused a "forgetting" of who we are and our purpose. It is essential remembrance makes its play in our evolutionary awakening. All that needs to be remembered resides within. The spiritual call to transcend millenniums of conditioning is reverberating in the collective. When the restrictions of identity transform, there is an interplay of frequencies that move through our holographic being.

In the light of what we may perceive as LOVE, human awareness meets a  spiritual morality whereupon the process of remembrance blossoms into an integrative experience of SELF. 

It takes mindfulness, guidance, experience and a flame of inspiration to live in communion with the sacred seed of source in the heart. As compassion, kindness, remembrance and love emanate innately, we can thrive as a species. The process is where teachings are valuable. 

The journey within is rewarding beyond measure.  Joy and peace move through every breath, cell and thought ~

Life becomes a continuous momentum of grace. 

How beautiful it is, awakening to stop falling in love outside of ourselves and begin to rise to Love within oneSELF... Where the efforts of becoming melt to the effulgent grace of I AM.

Love, Vima Lamura

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