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My blogs have more detailed content about the accident and visions. 

I met a Chinese acupuncturist, Master Young, who taught me an ancient system of sound and healing as I was recovering from an accident. I was lead to live in a Tibetan Buddhist Dharma Center/ monastery of the Kagu te Chen Ling lineage. Mediation, Chanting, the Heart Sutra were my focus.  


These experiences were preparation to fulfill this haunting vision of music This vision embodied transcendental elements beyond boundaries of genre and culture while fusing voice, spirit, sound and rhythms in a vibratory continuum. 

Sound remains a constant process of self discovery embracing all creation is a symphony of vibration, frequency and energy governed by the graceful force of love, expressed through voice and the arts.

In the 80's I created and released a solo CD (tape at that time)  titled "Visitation"  

It was when I created my  "world beat operas " the vision was starting to take shape on the live stage.  I wrote the scripts, composed, created the first SOUND MANDALA choir, performing in Hawaii and the Mainland.  The music was comprised of indigenous and western instruments. 

I created and released another solo CD titled "Lila" with my SOUND MANDALA CHOIR 

I collaborated with SoulFood Music on a CD titled "Ancestral Voice" 

My work continued to evolve eventually collaborating with WingMakers.  We created a number of CDs embodying elements of classical, electronic ambient sound beds with vocals and spoken word. 

Since then worked on film sound tracks, live performances and more

Now, I am creating the SOUND MANDALA ORCHESTRA consisting of unique instruments and vocals. This feels like it is actually kissing the vision of music that's been stirring in my soul for years.    

My vocal, creative and teaching works serve as transcendental innovative expressions, bridging spirit, science, mystical and human experiences through the mediums of voice, music, performances, writing and teaching. I am not a scholar, nor expert but the source that breathes life in my soul, chose me to live this journey. 

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